Friday, March 4, 2011

Tim Gunn's Sew along!

I haven't done much with this blog as you can see. I am getting together the fabrics and notions to sew the ten essential wardrobe items for this sew along. I want to incorporate these items with the mini wardrobe contest but I'm not sure that I can complete the wardrobe in one month. I do work fulltime so I have to work on it in short sessions. I really don't like to start any project with any missing items so I like to get all the notions and such up front. I'm really excited to start on the trench coat but now I'm thinking to start a couple of less time consuming projects like some of you have done. Denver Fabrics sent me an email re a sale they are having and it is really a good one, so you need to check it out!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lost Weight!!!

I was over 200 pounds and trying to diet but I was always hungry. Then I got sick and was really sick for over a month. I lost my appetite and 20 pounds in one month. I know this isn't the best way to lose weight but it really did give me a jumpstart to my diet. Because I have been sick and losing weight, I have not been sewing. Of course, I have been reading sewing blogs and looking at all the new patterns and fabric shopping. I can't wait to start some projects. My list is very long......

Monday, December 22, 2008

I decided to Blog!!

I really don't know why I am starting this Blog except for the fact that everyone else is doing it. (Well, alot of us). It will basically be about sewing and other newsworthy items.

I'm also trying to get my sewing projects completed and having somewhere to talk about them should help push me along. I have alot of money invested in my sewing endeavor so I want to get these projects finished.

Of course, Christmas is around the corner and I have other pressing matters to attend to right now. I have finished sewing a couple of gifts and when I find out how to post the photos here, I will.

I also just joined Paul Mckenna's weight loss program, so I may be discussing that also.